New server Update V6.11 details

-Even quicker transactions of coins to accounts
-Even faster server speeds
-A 100% guarantee that you will get the coins
-bug fixes


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About the Business

I have worked at EA for 3 years and i still have all access to their servers and everything! I listen to my customers and help them out when they are needing to get coins in  FIFA14. There has only recently been an update in the servers with gives me the ability to give my customer the coins faster. We do Xbox and PS3

Times before you get coins and FIFA points!

100k- 4 hours
200k- 6 hours
300k- 8 hours
400k- 10 hours
500k- 13 hours

The higher the amount of coins that you ask for the longer it takes for the EA coin and FIFA point generator takes to get it and put it into your account.


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